Music Tracing Worksheets

Are you frequently introducing new rhythms to your young musicians? These are the perfect ice breakers for introducing all rhythms to your students for the first time! These worksheets prompt students to trace, draw, and compose by then placing the rhythms, rests, or symbols on staff paper.

All Rhythms, Rests, & Symbols included in these Tracing Worksheets are listed below:

Quarter Note, Dotted Quarter Note, Half Note, Dotted Half Note, Whole Note, Dotted Whole Note, Eighth Note, Eighth Notes (2), Quarter Rest, Dotted Quarter Rest, Half Rest, Dotted Half Rest, Whole Rest, Dotted Whole Rest, Repeat Sign, Treble Clef & Bass Clef.

These worksheets also include several different rhythms, rests, & symbols in one worksheet. For example, instead of students tracing a quarter note five times, they trace 5 different rhythms once. These can be used as wonderful master reviews after students have been introduced to all rhythms in the previous worksheets that only highlight one specific rhythm/rest/symbol.

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