Holiday Bucket Drum Curriculum

With the Holiday season coming up, you’re probably wondering how to keep your students super engaged with rigorous content learning that is seasonal. This Bucket Drum Curriculum contains everything any Bucket Drum Curriculum would obtain, while dressed up in a super cute wintery fashion! Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, and Elves will […]

135 Elementary Music Worksheets

This Elementary Music Worksheets product is a mega bundle, including all Elementary Music Concepts such as Pitch, Rhythm, Composers, Color by Note, The Musical Instruments and much much more! No matter what you are teaching in your Elementary Music Classroom, all 135 worksheets are designed in a way for you […]

Elementary Pitch Worksheets

This will be another great supplemental resource to any lessons you are currently doing with your students that involves basic Elementary Pitch Notation. 35 worksheets are included which include identifying notes on lines, spaces, lines or spaces, which space, which lines, which line or space, what name, line line or […]

Elementary Rhythm Worksheets

This will probably be the best supplemental resource to any lessons you are currently doing with your students that involves basic Elementary Rhythm Notation. 30 worksheets are included which include rhythm math, rhythm composition, Syllables & More! My store is titled “Music in Everything” for one simple reason. Students are […]

Bucket Drum Karate ~ PRO

Bucket Drum Karate is probably the best way to get your students motivated as they begin learning the fundamentals of a percussion instrument. Many music teachers utilize bucket drums as an opportunity to strictly just execute rhythms as they would clap. Bucket Drum Karate is a program that teaches students […]

40 Light up Rhythm Videos

This is my latest project, 40 Light up Rhythm Videos that can be utilized with your students as they chant, use body percussion, or use any instrument of your choice! I have made small series of videos such as hip-hop ukulele videos, guitar strumming videos, bucket drum videos, but this […]

Hip-Hop Ukulele Curriculum

This is my very first blog post! I have been writing several ukulele method books, worksheets, curriculum & more for very long. Every time I made a Ukulele resource I had a knee-jerk reaction to make it “Hawaiian Theme”. Most resources would focus on just the Major & Minor Chords […]