Guitar Chord Chart Posters

These are wonderful Chord Chart Posters to hang in your classroom to help students in their guitar studies! These guitar chord charts are big and beautiful, and also include fingerings for each chord on each single poster.

Chords that are included in this bundle are:

C Major, C Minor, C7, D Major, D Minor, D7, E Major, E Minor, E7, F Major, F Major (Bar), F Minor, F7, G Major, G Minor, G7, A Major, A Minor, A7, B Major, B Minor, B7, C#/Db Major, C#/Db Minor, C#7/Db7, D#/Eb Major, D#/Eb Minor, D#7/Eb7, F#/Gb Major, F#/Gb Minor, F#7/Gb7, G#/Ab Major, G#/Ab Minor, G#7/Ab7, A#/Bb Major, A#/Bb Minor, A#7/Bb7

There are 7 different styles of Guitar Chord Anchor Charts included in this purchase. Print out whichever one you like best out of the 7 or a combination of all colors! Choose between Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple or Blank & White!

Anchor Charts are designed to go along with the Guitar Karate Curriculum in my store.

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