160 Recorder Worksheets

This is a MASSIVE booklet that will be a supplemental resource for any recorder teacher! All 160 Worksheets are strategically designed to supplement you no matter what grade level, or skill level you’re teaching. All concepts are covered from easy to advanced levels throughout these 160 pages.

Pitch Studies Include:

Treble Clef Notation Studies – (Middle C to High G)Fingering Chart Studies – (Middle C to High G)

Rhythms Studies Include:

Sixteenth Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Notes, Half Notes, Whole Notes, Dotted Quarter Notes, Dotted Half Notes, and Dotted Whole Notes.

These worksheets provide multiple activities for teaching these concepts from easy to advanced levels. Activities Include:

Identifying Fingering Charts, Filling Out Fingering Charts, Identifying Fingering Charts & Clef Notation, Identifying Clef Notation, Filling out Fingering Charts, Fingering Exercises, Creating Chord Chart Posters, Fingering Chart Line Matching, Rhythm Line Matching Chord Chart Cut & Paste, Rhythm Cut & Paste, Rhythm Math Activities, Rhythm & Pitch Exercises, Fingering Switching Exercises, I Can Play in 60 Seconds Exercises, Identifying Spaces on the Treble Clef, Identifying Lines on the Treble Clef, Identifying Notes on the Treble Clef Identifying Lines, Spaces, & Notes on the Treble Clef, Identifying Notes on the Clef, & Fingering Charts

By far the greatest supplemental tool for ANY Recorder unit you’re currently doing with your students for any age level, and any skill level! This is a life long tool that you will utilize for the remainder of your journey teaching recorder! Enjoy! 🙂

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