Hip-Hop Ukulele Curriculum

This is my very first blog post! I have been writing several ukulele method books, worksheets, curriculum & more for very long. Every time I made a Ukulele resource I had a knee-jerk reaction to make it “Hawaiian Theme”. Most resources would focus on just the Major & Minor Chords and such.. But I decided to get really creative during Quarantine, and I decided to venture off and create a Ukulele experience like no other out there today!

Hip-Hop Ukulele. Yes, Hip-Hop Ukulele. I have a Hip-Hop Bucket Drum Curriculum that students just eat up, and we’re talking there being absolutely no left-overs. Ukulele being played alongside with a Hip-Hop beat sounded way cooler than I imagined, as creating these Hip-Hop beats was the first step I took while creating this Curriculum. The sound mix of a Ukulele & Hip-Hop a beat was the equivalent to looking at a cute little kid with a backwards hat on with the sticker still on. It was the perfect combo, why didn’t I think of it sooner? After all those hours being put into Hawaiian Themed Ukulele Resources? Dammit!

This Hip-Hop Ukulele Curriculum was also an opportunity to put in different content than the other “Hawaiian Theme” Ukulele Resources I’ve created. Major7 & Minor7 chords are a huge aspect of the content learning in these Hip-Hop lessons, as it is perfectly suitable to go along with the Hip-Hop sound itself. All Ukulele resources I’ve created would focus primarily on Major & Minor Chords, but this is a curriculum that gives the more advanced students who have mastered those chords to explore further with the Major7 & Minor7 Chords.

This Curriculum includes 11 PowerPoint Lessons, Method Book, 30 Worksheets, Chord Chart Posters, Hip-Hop Backing Tracks with light up rhythms to Hip-Hop Beats, a grading rubric, certificate of achievement awards & more! Worksheets & Method Book aligns with the lessons. Please keep in mind that this curriculum is designed for students who are familiar with most Major & Minor Chords.

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