• Bucket Drum Karate ~ PRO

    Bucket Drum Karate ~ PRO

    The Bucket Drum Karate Curriculum comes with a student method book which is a PDF File. You can print these PDF File double sided, staple them, and hand them to your students before you begin the program. Each page gives students ownership for the content learning that takes place for each Bucket Drum Karate Lesson.…

  • 40 Light up Rhythm Videos

    40 Light up Rhythm Videos

    This is my latest project, 40 Light up Rhythm Videos that can be utilized with your students as they chant, use body percussion, or use any instrument of your choice! I have made small series of videos such as hip-hop ukulele videos, guitar strumming videos, bucket drum videos, but this is my BIGGEST batch yet.…

  • Hip-Hop Ukulele Curriculum

    Hip-Hop Ukulele Curriculum

    This is my very first blog post! I have been writing several ukulele method books, worksheets, curriculum & more for very long. Every time I made a Ukulele resource I had a knee-jerk reaction to make it “Hawaiian Theme”. Most resources would focus on just the Major & Minor Chords and such.. But I decided…