Hello Class! Watch my video and follow the directions below.

Step 1. Go to the design tab, and click “Slide Size”. After, click “Custom Slide Size”.

After you hit ok, your PowerPoint presentation slides will be the exact size of a paper you would print out of your computer. The next step is to choose a frame you like. Right click one of the frames you like, and paste it into your PowerPoint slide so that the frame reaches the very top corners.

Next step is to have your students have a place to write their name, and the date. To insert a text box, look under the “Insert” tab and click “insert text box”. To put a line where students are to write their names, look under the “insert” tab and click “Shapes”. Depending on the grade level, you may want to consider larger fonts for Elementary levels.

Next Step. By right clicking and saving the images below, paste the images into your empty worksheet template to create a test for your students. The difficulty of this is up to you, considering you the teacher knows what would be too easy or too difficult for your students.

What time of the year is it? Go to http://www.pixabay.com, and start choosing some cute cartoon animals, foods or other fun themes for the worksheet. Wherever you have extra space you did not use, fill it up with cute animals for students to color when they are finished with their work. Be sure to choose to search only “Vector Images”. There will be no white background for these images.

To get rid of the white background of an image, double click the image and click “Color”. You can then change the image to black and white.

To remove any images with white backgrounds, click “Set Transparent Color” and click on the white background in the image. This will remove all the “white” which is the color you clicked on/chose. Be sure not to click on ANY white on the rest of the slide. Only click on the white that is actually ON the image itself.

To make images black and white, this will save you ink for your printer. Double click an image,


Thank you…

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