Piano Curriculum ~Pro~

This massive Piano Curriculum is everything you need for individual or group piano lessons for your students! Piano Curriculum ~Pro~ is a growing bundle which includes 300 Piano Worksheets, 400 Piano Exit Tickets, Piano Posters, Piano Flash Cards, and Piano Method Book that Corresponds to all 19 PowerPoint Unit Plans. As I continue to create ANY piano teaching resources in the future, they will automatically be added to this bundle. When purchasing this bundle, all additional resources added to this purchase will be free for you to download.

This Curriculum has a heavy focus on musical literacy, and all traditional approaches to reading standard music notation. This curriculum does NOT focus heavily on studies of any genre or style of music in particular, but rather the fundamental skills needed to peruse any style/genre of their choice in the future!

A complete list of all the content learning students engage in is below:

Beginner Piano Tutorial White Keys & Black Keys, Groups of 2 & 3 Black Keys, Finding Middle C, & all other C’s, Fingering #’s for Left & Right Hand, The Musical Alphabet, Finding C, D, E, F, G, A & B, Introduction to The Treble Clef Introduction to Quarter, Half & Whole Notes & Rests, Introduction to Time Signature

Unit 1 – Right Hand Introduction Treble Clef Notation – Lines & Spaces, Treble Clef Notation – Notes, C Major Scale Introduction, C Chord Introduction, Sight Reading Exercises, Fingering Exercises

Unit 2 – Left Hand Introduction, Bass Clef Notation – Lines & Spaces, Bass Clef Notation – Notes, C Major Scale Introduction, C Chord Introduction, Sight Reading Exercises, Fingering Exercises

Unit 3 – Five Finger Positions & Rests Navigating Various 5 Finger Positions, Quarter, Half, Dotted Half, & Whole Rest Exercises, Sight Reading Exercises, Fingering Exercise,

Unit 4 – The Grand Staff Right & Left Hand Reviews, Grand Staff Introduction, Bar Lines/Measures, Grand Staff Reading Exercises, Fingering Exercises

Unit 5 – Intervals C Major Scale – Both Hands, Interval Studies – 2nds & 3rds, Utilizing Intervals as a Sight Reading Strategy, Sight Reading Exercises

Unit 6 – Rhythm Studies Rhythm Tree Introduction, Rhythm Math Activities, Whole, Half & Quarter Note Review, Introduction to Eighth & Sixteenth Notes, Introduction to 3/4 & 2/4 Time Signature, Chord Exercises

Unit 7 – Finger Exercise Repeat Sign Introduction, Eighth Note Reading Exercises, Ring & Pinky Finger Exercises, Sight Reading Exercises

Unit 8 – 3/4 Time Signature & Staccato 3/4 Rhythm Exercises, 3/4 Time Signature Reading Exercises, Introduction to Staccato, Staccato Reading Exercises

Unit 9 – F Chord, Piano & Forte Sight Reading Warmups, Introduction to Dynamics (Piano & Forte), Piano & Forte Exercises Introduction to F Chord (2nd Inversion C Position) C & F Chord Exercises

Unit 10 – G7 Chord & Triads C & F Chord Review, Introduction to G7 Chord, Chord Reading Exercises, Introduction to Traids, C F & G7 Triad Exercises

Unit 11 – C F & G7 Chords & Ties, C F & G7 Chord Reading Exercises, Introduction to Ties, Math Ties Activity, Reading Ties Exercises

Unit 12 – C & F Position & Crescendo Introduction to F Position (Both Thumbs on Middle C), C & F Position Reading Exercises, Introduction to Crescendo, Crescendo Reading Exercises

Unit 13 – Key of G Major & Decrescendo Introduction to Sharp Notes, Find the Sharp Key Activity, Introduction to G Major Key Signature, G Major Scale Introduction, Key of G Major Reading Exercises, Introduction to Decrescendo, Decrescendo Exercises

Unit 14 – C Chord (Key of G) 1st & 2nd Endings Key of G Major Review, C & G Position Introduction (Both Thumbs on G4), C & G Position Reading Exercises, Introduction to C Chord (G Position 2nd Inversion), C Chord Exercises, Introduction to 1st & 2nd Endings, 1st & 2nd Endings Reading Exercises

Unit 15 – G C & D7 Chords C & G Position Reading Exercises, G & C Chord Reviews, Introduction to D7 Chord (G Position), G C & D7 Chord Exercises, Triad Studies, G C & D7 Chord Reading Exercises

Unit 16 – Key of F major Introduction to Flat Notes, Find The Flat Key Activity, Introduction to The Key of F Major (Bb), F Major Scale Introduction, Key of F Major Reading Exercises

Unit 17 – F & Bb Chords & 2/4 Time Signature, Introduction to F & Bb Major Chord (2nd Inversion F Position), F & Bb Major Chord Exercises, Chord Reading Exercises, 2/4 Time Signature Introduction

Unit 18 – F Bb & C7 Chords 2/4 Time Signature Reading Exercises, F & Bb Major Chord Review, Introduction to C7 Chord, F Bb & C7 Chord Reading Exercises, F Bb & C7 Triad Reading Exercises

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