Music in Film ~KIDS!~

This is a Music in Film Curriculum designed for Elementary Learners! These activities are fun, engaging, and age appropriate for young learners to experience one of the most beautiful, artistic, and creative ways music interacts with film!

So far I have created three Music in Film Units for Young Elementary learners. The three so far are Moods in Music & Film, Theme Music in Movies, and Story Writing to Film Music.

The Moods in Music & Film is a great introduction to how our feelings, and our moods interact with Music & Film. Students have the opportunity to analyze Film Music, and Short Animated Movie Scenes and the emotions that they spark. Students have an emoji chart on hand to assess each exercise their feelings, and practice spelling as well! Students learn the main idea that music & film can effect our mood in a fun & engaging way!

The Theme music in Movies unit gives students an opportunity to engage in many different games and activities, as they act out different characters. Students also have the opportunity to learn how music can not just represent characters, but places as well.

The final one I have completed so far is the Story Writing to Film Music. Students are taught the basics of writing short stories, and creating their own characters and settings for different film music that they hear. They also engage in watching various videos that demonstrate how music can be structured in a similar way to short stories & film, such as Setting, Climax, and Resolution. Students journey on several writing exercises utilizing film music to create their own Plot, and includes various activities to share their stories with the class.

Many more are soon to come! This blog post will be updated in the near future with more music in film for KIDS! 🙂

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