Music in Film – Curriculum

*Each Lesson Plan is in PowerPoint* *Video & Audio Clips Automatically Inserted All PowerPoints* *Includes 10+ Film Music Projects/Activities* *Multiple Worksheets For Each Lesson* *SUPER ENGAGING FOR EVEN THE MOST CHALLENGING STUDENTS!*

This is my best seller, which has been around since I began creating resources. It started out as just the Importance of Music in Film, but as popular as it became I continued to create more lessons on Music in Film. It came to the point where it had become a curriculum, and it is by far the most engaging resource based off customer feedback, and is packed with countless interesting topics that will have your students hooked on day one! The topics included are below, and more are to come!

*Each Lesson comes with PowerPoints, Worksheets, Audio Files, Video Files, Games, Activities, Assessments, Individual Work, Group Work, & Whole Class Work.*

Unit 1 – The Importance of Film Music

Unit 2 – How Music Deceives Us

Unit 3 – Theme Music in Movies

Unit 4 – The Art of Instrumentation

Unit 5 – The Art of Sound Effects & Foley

Unit 6 – Movie Genres & Music Genres

Unit 7 – Scoring With The 7 Elements of Music

Unit 8 – Writing Short Stories to Film Music

Unit 9 – Debate – Can Film Survive Without Music?

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