Solfege Flash Cards

These are great flash cards to test your students, or for your students to test each other, for music centers activities, and many other possibilities! These Solfege Flash Cards Cover ALL Solfege including the Chromatics! These flash cards also include Treble & Bass Clef Notation as well! A full list of all content covered in this set of flash cards is listed below:

~Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Di, Ri, Fi, Si, Li, Ra, Me, Se, Le, & Te

~Treble Clef Notation

~Bass Clef Notation

Simply print the PDF double sided, and flash cards should be perfectly aligned from front to back. Before you print and cut them out, I recommend you use thicker paper for longer lasting durability, and to prevent students from being able to see through typical thin paper and see the answers!

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