Ukulele Song Writing Dice

This is a wonderful resource to teach your students how simple song writing can be! When knowing the secret formula of what chords are used in a certain key signature, students will learn that the possibilities are endless, and there are no wrong answers! There are 8 different dice you can choose from, including song writing worksheets for when students are using the dice. a full description of each is below:

The dice included is simply cut around the edges, and glued to become a dice. On the face side of each dice are the most commonly used chords in the key of C: C Major, D Minor, E Minor, F Major, G Major, & A Minor. Unfortunately there is not a 7th side to put the Diminished Chord #7! Sorry Diminished Fans! Dice for the Key of G, and D are also included.

The next Templates available require your students to fill out the fingering charts for all the chords in the Key of C, G, and D before the cutting & pasting activity. This is a great way to give students more ownership over their learning.

The final chord dice option does not specifically have any chords in particular, but does provide empty ukulele chord charts for students to write in any chords of their choice!

The next dice is a rhythm dice, and obtains Quarter Notes & Eighth Notes along with the assigned strumming (up or down) for students to write the rhythms for their songs.

This is a wonderful resource for any ukulele lessons, units, curriculum, or Ukulele Centers you’re currently doing with your students! Enjoy!

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