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Introducing my new Ukulele Centers Bundle! 7 Stations that focus on strumming, chords, scales, song charts, rhythm, song writing, and more! A full description of all centers is below.

~~Chord Charts Station~~

Cut out cute little chord sliders so students can insert them under the ukulele strings to see how to play any chord!. This will save you much time when teaching large groups, as students will be responsible and take ownership for their own learning! These chord sliders come in three versions. The first version included is an Ink-Friendly (black & white), a Hawaiian version, and a plain color version. All chords included are listed below:

C, Cm, C7

D, Dm, D7

E, Em, E7

F, Fm, F7

G, Gm, G7

A, Am, A7

B, Bm, B7

C#, C#m, C#7

Eb, Ebm, Eb7

F#, F#m, F#7

Ab, Abm, Ab7

Bb, Bbm, Bb7


Once printed out, each page is identically aligned for quick and easy cutting. A whole punch then goes through the lip of each, and a binder ring, string, or anything at your disposal can hold them together. Thicker paper than normal is recommended, but not necessary. Laminating them can also extend the life-span as well! Please note that binder rings are not included

Chord Chart Posters included are:

C Major, C Maj7, C7, C Minor, C Min7

D Major, D Maj7, D7, D Minor, D Min7

E Major, E Maj7, E7, E Minor, E Min7

F Major, F Maj7, F7, F Minor, F Min7

G Major, G Maj7, G7, G Minor, G Min7

A Major, A Maj7, A7, A Minor, A Min7

B Major, B Maj7, B7, B Minor, B Min7

15 different styles of Hawaiian Island themed anchor charts included in this purchase. Print out whichever one you like best out of the 15! Or print out a combination of them all! Your Choice! There are ink friendly options included!

~~Chord Switching Station~~

This is a fun exercise for your students to tally their progress in switching between chords quickly! These 42 Ukulele Chord Switching Exercises range in difficulty of chords, and mainly focus on switching between the 1, 4, and 5 chords of essential key signatures. From these various 1 4 and 5 chord switching exercises, the following chords are included in these activities are listed below:

C Major, C7, C Minor,

D Major, D7, D Minor,

E Major, E7, E Minor,

F Major, F7, F Minor,

G Major, G7, G Minor,

A Major, A7, A Minor,

B Major, B7, B Minor,

These exercises are intended to show your students progress over time, as they are able to switch between various different chords more and more quickly the more they practice! There are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Ink Friendly Printable versions available to you! Enjoy! They can also be displayed on your smartboard or projectors. They are great supplemental resources for any Ukulele Chord Activities, Lessons, Units, or Music Centers you are currently doing with your Ukulele Students.

~~Strumming Station~~

These are wonderful large displays of 35 essential strum patterns for beginner Guitar or Ukulele lessons you are currently doing with your students. These strum patterns order Quarter & Eighth Notes in every possible combination thinkable, and also includes all strum pattern combinations with ties.

No chords in particular are displayed for any strum patterns, so that a wrench is not thrown in your plans. You may choose to prompt students to play any chord you please this way, making this resource perfectly compatible for teaching ukulele or guitar!

These Strum patterns increase in difficulty, taking your students from level 1 – 9 in difficulty. Each difficulty from levels 1 – 9 include 4 strum patterns in total. These are sizable posters for displaying on bulletin boards, as anchor charts, for music centers, or any other reason you need a large display of every strum pattern imaginable! 🙂

~~Song Charts Station~~

Along with this comes with the following 20 Songs, which are all in Multiple Key signatures. Keys are typically in the key of C, G, or D major. Some songs also have multiple difficulty levels due to different chords, more difficult strum patterns & other arrangements.

Hokey Pokey, London Bridge, Apples & Bananas, Skip to my Lou, The Wheels on The Bus, Row Your Boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Five Little Monkeys, Hot Cross Buns, Down By The Bay, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC’s, Humpty Dumpty, Old McDonald, The Muffin Man, Happy Birthday, This Little Light of Mine, She’ll be Comin Round’ The Mountain, BINGO, Baby Shark

~~Scale Charts Station~~

These are wonderful large displays of the essential Ukulele Scales for beginner Ukulele lessons, and includes a scales page and Ukulele Fret Board Page to supplement your activities! These Scale Chart Posters include the Major Scale, Minor Scale, Pentatonic Major Scale, Pentatonic Minor Scale, Major Blues Scale & Minor Blues scales. Fingering forms are displayed with the root notes highlighted, and a fretboard is also provided to enable students to rehearse virtually any scale of your choosing.

These large displays will be great supplemental resources for any Ukulele Activities, Lessons, Units, or Music Centers you’re currently doing with your Ukulele Students!

~~Flash Cards Station~~

These flash cards come in color and in black & white in this purchase for your convenience! Simply Print out these flash cards double sided & the front/back sides will match for you to simply cut, & boom they’re ready to use!

Flash Cards include the following:

Major Chords: A Major, B Major, C Major, D Major, E Major, F Major, & G Major.

Minor Chords: A Minor, B Minor, C Minor, D Minor, E Minor, F Minor, & G Minor

7 Chords: A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, F7, & G7

Also Includes Rhythms, Treble Clef Notation, Bass Clef Notation, Strumming & More!

~~Song Writing Station~~

This is a wonderful resource to teach your students how simple song writing can be! When knowing the secret formula of what chords are used in a certain key signature, students will learn that the possibilities are endless, and there are no wrong answers!

The Dice Outline Printout included is simply cut around the edges, and little glue or tape is then added for it to become a dice.

Dice in the Key of C:

On the face side of each dice are the most commonly used chords in the key of C: C Major, D Minor, E Minor, F Major, G Major, & A Minor.

Dice in the Key of G:

On the face side of each dice are the most commonly used chords in the key of G: G Major, A Minor, B Minor, C Major, D Major, & E Minor.

Dice in the Key of D:

On the face side of each dice are the most commonly used chords in the key of D: D Major, E Minor, F# Minor, G Major, A Major, & B Minor.

Unfortunately there is not a 7th side to put the Diminished Chord #7! Sorry Diminished Fans!

The second page is where students will write their song. Directions explain to students that they simply roll the dice, and then jot down box by box which chord the dice reads. When students finish filling out all 16 Boxes, they can play their song or it can be demonstrated by you! Students will hear how even by chance of the dice these chords sound great! The page requires students two write the name of the chordand draw circles where the fingerings go for that chord.

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