Light up Recorder Videos

This is a wonderful resource to engage your students in performing! Not only do these videos help your students keep their place while performing, they are a great visual aid, and extremely engaging. All rhythms light up in time with the music, along with dynamics, & other musical symbols that students must interact with while performing as well. Fingering Charts are also displayed throughout all the songs in these videos as an aid for your students. All 17 videos included range from easy to difficult, also covering all fingerings for all notes on the Recorder. A complete list of all content learning included in these sequential videos is below:


Whole Notes, Dotted Half Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes, Dotted Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Whole Rests, Half Rests, Quarter Rests.


Treble Clef Notation ranges from Middle C to High G

(The Complete Range of The Recorder)


Staccato, Piano, Forte, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Repeats

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