Drum Circle Bundle

I quickly and easily changed some formatting, imaging, and other things to make the bucket drum circle activities suitable for any percussion group! I didn’t want to leave out all you percussionists not using buckets!!

There are 10 Drum Circle activities that engage your students in concept learning ranging from Easy to Hard in terms of rhythm notation, dynamics, and engagement.

Each Drum Circle Activity focuses on a Primary Focus whether it be Rhythm, Dynamics, Tempo, Repeats, Working Memory, Drum Techniques & more! All learning concepts covered throughout these series of 15 Circle Activities are listed below in order from activities Easy to Hard:

Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Rests, Sixteenth Notes, Eighth/Sixteenth Notes, Sixteenth/Eighth Notes, Eighth Note Triplets, Piano, Forte, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Accelerando, Ritardando, Dotted Quarter Notes, Repeats, Call Response, Rim & Stick Clicks & More!

All Rhythms covered in each activity are reordered in countless combinations to guarantee student concept gathering, & exposure! Enjoy!!!!!!

Descriptions of all 15 Activities are below 🙂

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