Recorder Flash Cards

These are 32 recorder flash cards to help with the fundamental concept learning for the Recorder! The 32 flash cards include all fingering charts for Low C to High G (The entire range), Rhythm Notation, and Treble Clef Notation!

Full Content in Flash Cards Include:

Fingering Charts:

Low C, Low D, Low E, Low F, F#, Low G, A, B, Bb, High C, High D, High E, High F, and High G.

Rhythm Notation:

Quarter Note, Half Note, Whole Note, Eighth Notes, Sixteenth Notes, Dotted Rhythm

Treble Clef Notation:

(The Range of the Recorder) Middle C up to High G

These are a great supplemental resource for any recorder unit you are doing with your students! They can be used as a life long tool, and include all fingering charts from easy to advanced. Enjoy! 🙂

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