Beginning Band/Orchestra Guide

All resources to aide you in your new band/orchestra journey here are: Setting up your band room, Instrument Maintenance Checklist, Instrument Inventory Checklist, Classroom Management, Family Engagement Student Conflicts Page, Assessing Students Playing Ability, Setting Long Term Goals, Selecting Repertoire, Repertoire Quality Check, Rehearsal Structure Planning, Band/Orchestra Lesson Plan Templates, Rehearsal Techniques, Auditions/Sign Up Guides, Progress Reports, Practice Journals 48 Musical Instruments Worksheets: -Anatomy of Instruments -Instrument Families

This is a 20 page PDF document that pays close attention to detail in guiding you as you begin your new journey starting a band program! My guide pays close attention to detail, and will give you insight as to all the logistics you might not consider before your first rehearsal. My guide is designed to help you from the moment you begin setting up your classroom, preparing you all the way up to your first rehearsal. Enjoy! 🙂

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