1st Grade Interactive Music Notebook

I’ve been spending every single day hours on end creating interactive music notebooks for grades K-5. I’m almost done but I became way to curious to see what one of the completed ones look like when fully printed, colored, cut, and pasted. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!! I strategically placed little glue dot men throughout these products which show exactly how much glue to use and where. Students are to use little glue dots and the size of those dots should not exceed the little glue dot men on the page. It’s not only going to avoid a huge hot glue mess, the cutout shapes I chose were picked specifically for first grade cutting. All that aside, all content inside is a full and complete first grade music curriculum.

Students engage in Steady Beat Studies, Time Signature Studies, Rhythm Studies, Body Percussion Activities, Pitch Studies, Singing Activities, Dynamics Exercises, and more. There are 55 pages in total which equals 55 lessons. If you see your students once a week its guaranteed to keep your students busy no matter what throughout your year of teaching. The concepts included in this interactive notebook will perfectly align with whatever lessons you are currently doing or will be doing with your first grade students.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY. This does not include the composition notebook, scissors, glue, or envelopes!! My product only provides you with all the meaningful 100+ page content to be downloaded and printed out. All content you purchase must then be put together with those materials, so please make sure you have access to enough of those materials before purchasing! Materials needed are also listed below:

These materials are not included! I only provide the content that is to be printed, colored, cut, and pasted!

Plenty of coloring to do on every page!!!!

Cutting Page – All objects get cut out of the cutting page, and pasted on the Pasting page to the right. All dotted lines that appear in objects also are to be cut, which are not shown in this example.

^Pasting Page – The entire page here gets pasted to the interactive music notebook, and little glue dot men are placed strategically for students to know where to paste the objects. Outlines in light gray are also provided so students also know where to paste as well.

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