Holiday Ukulele Videos

It’s December 17th and I’m sorry these came so late! 🙁 But ANYBODY who would like to use this with the remaining days before the holiday, and to use as a life-long tool this is UKULELE GOLD.

This is the greatest resource you could possibly find to get your students to master Fundamental Ukulele Chords & Fundamental Strumming Skills DURING THE HOLIDAYS! ! ! These Eight Videos take your students through the fundamental reviews of basic chords, and strum patterns from easy to hard. Rhythms & Strum patterns light up in time with the Holiday Tunes!!! The greatest part about these videos? Your students will become MASTERS at swinging Eighth Notes!!

These eight videos have chords displayed at all times on the upper right, and also have light up rhythms & strum patterns for your students to successfully play in time. All music is a soft jazzy/Christmassy feel! Each video has a sequence of four different strum patterns. 8(Videos) x 4(Strum Patterns) = (24 strum patterns total are covered in these videos). Strum patterns increase in difficulty from videos 1 – 8, and cover combinations of Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, and Quarter Rests. Fundamental Chords Covered: C Major, F Major, G Major, D Major, A Major & A Minor. Free Preview Videos are Below!

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