Holiday Bucket Drum Curriculum

With the Holiday season coming up, you’re probably wondering how to keep your students super engaged with rigorous content learning that is seasonal. This Bucket Drum Curriculum contains everything any Bucket Drum Curriculum would obtain, while dressed up in a super cute wintery fashion! Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, and Elves will guide your students through the basic fundamentals of percussion, introducing them to rudiments, sticking exercises, sight reading, light up rhythm play along videos, worksheets, assessments, games, activities & more! Online Learning Friendly!

This product is massive, and covers all difficulty levels range from grades K-8. You will find this unit so comprehensive, depending on your students skill level they may pick up wherever you deem necessary. There are 9 different units included ranging from easy to difficult, no matter what timing & pacing you engage in with this product, will be stock-filled for your entire winter season guaranteed! With MP4 Play along videos where rhythms light up in time for your students, rhythm cards, worksheets, exit tickets, metronomes, PowerPoint Lesson Plans, Rudiment of the Day Activities, Multiple Daily Bucket Drum Exercises included, these supplemental resources will last you for years, as this unit is so comprehensive the learning will never stop! Check out the free preview of the light up rhythm videos in the YouTube video below!

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