Concert Prep Check List – Music Teacher Planners Printed Professionally!

This was everything I wish I had by my fifth year teaching. It made my life so easy when I finally decided to create all these templates! This resource includes any template a music teacher will need year round, including brochure templates, concert flyers, daily planners, weekly planners, monthly planners, IEP page, lesson plan templates, color coded assessment excel sheets, and the list goes on! You can buy all these individually, but for those that are starting out teaching and they’re overwhelmed I wanted to offer a bundle discount which is also available. Below is some info on everything included:

What’s more important than making sure your students are learning what you’re teaching? This is an excel sheet I created that makes it more simple than ever to identify whether or not students are. All you will do is enter the student names, and then weekly you can add student scores to whatever your assessments are. This sheet will automatically begin sorting out your students in green, yellow, and red categories without you doing anything!

Next up are templates of letters you can send home to families. This can be very scary for new teachers, but I assure you these are editable and can be tailored to fit the needs of your events, school, times etc. This also includes a mini-pamphlet of seasonal images so you can decorate these letters, the images do not produce much ink. All of my products are ink friendly for that matter.

Just like I said for the take home letters, these are editable! All you will end up doing is typing in your class, grade, song name, or whatever other logistics you’d like to include in the brochure. All formatting, and design is done for you!

A part of putting on a great performance is not just sounding good, but looking good too! These are the occasions that students remember forever when they look back at their educational experience! Give them the opportunity to dress up as a community, and dress their best! These templates are all pre-made, which kindly suggest students to make the best with what clothes they have already. But an Image Pamphlet is included for you to copy and paste into your flyer whether you want them to wear long sleeve, short sleeve, T shirts, Dresses, Jeans, Pants, and other accessories. Everything you need is there, and it’s very presentable. If these go home, your students will look outstanding on the concert day!

Last I have to offer in this massive product is a massive teacher planner! This is strictly for your individual use, and to help you stay organized. Music teachers often have over 800 students, this is designed to help you keep track of all you need to know about your students, and the plans you have for them. This product includes templates for such things such as Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Lesson Plan Templates, Seating Charts, Sticky Note Parking Lot, IEP Logs, National Standards, Grading Rubrics, Family Contact Logs and more! If you’re all set with concert prep, but still need guidance with organization of your 800+ students I highly recommend at least getting this product alone!

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