Bucket Drum Karate ~ PRO

The Bucket Drum Karate Curriculum comes with a student method book which is a PDF File. You can print these PDF File double sided, staple them, and hand them to your students before you begin the program. Each page gives students ownership for the content learning that takes place for each Bucket Drum Karate Lesson. The teacher Bucket Drum Karate Lessons are in PowerPoint Format. The books content is in sequential order with the PowerPoint Presentations you will deliver to the students. Students can interact with their Method Books, and review content they may need to work on from previous weeks whether it was the warm up, vocabulary, rudiment, techniques or reading test. Rehearsal pages are also included for the playing test videos students must play to.

The bucket drum playing tests serve as a reward for students at the end of each lesson. These videos students will always tend to think these videos are the most fun, and engaging part of the lessons. Aside from the more difficult aspects of these lessons, these activities serve as a less cognitively demanding task, and a more physically engaging task. Yet at the same time, they are hammering down the fundamentals of reading rhythm notation in a fun and engaging way. There at 11 videos in total and they increase in difficulty.

Bucket Drum Karate also comes with a grading rubric for you to track & monitor student progress. It includes award certificates, Rudiment of the Day, Exercise of the day, Worksheets, Exit Tickets, Rudiment Posters, 200 Rhythm Cards, Metronome tracks & more! Click below to visit my online store to view/purchase this product!

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